Academic Recognition Awards – Nicholas School Undergraduate Programs

Academic Recognition Awards

Each year, two outstanding students are selected for an award in recognition of their accomplishment:


The Sara LaBoskey Award is given annually by the Nicholas School to a graduating senior in recognition of personal integrity and academic excellence. The recipient receives a special gift, and his/her name is engraved on a plaque located in the undergraduate program office. The award was established by Vicki and Peter LaBoskey in memory of their daughter, Sara LaBoskey.

Past Recipients:

Donovan Loh, 2017
John Hare-Grogg, 2016
Patrick Hunnicutt, 2015
Suellen Li, 2014
Jessye Waxman, 2014
Kevin He, 2013
Nikhilesh Raju, 2013
Oliver Wilson, 2012
Sarah Safley, 2011
Ciara Wirth, 2010
Deshira Wallace, 2010
Naomi Schwartz, 2009
Carina Barnett-Loro, 2009
Sarah Marlay, 2008
Brian Wright, 2007
Charla Wilson, 2006
Melissa Fiffer, 2006
Caroline Paulsen, 2005
Emily Sinkhorn, 2004
Sheela Agrawal, 2004
Kathy Chen, 2003


The Thomas V. Laska Memorial Award is given annually by the Division of Earth and Ocean Sciences to a graduating senior in recognition of outstanding achievement and promise for future success in earth and ocean sciences. The recipient receives a special gift, and his/her name is engraved on a granite tablet located in the Divisional Office. The award was established by Andrew J. and Vera Laska in memory of their son, Thomas Vaclav Laska.

Past Recipients:

John McDermott, 2017
Molly Rosenstein, 2016
Virginia Isava, 2015
Jennifer Walker, 2014
Julia Hazel, 2013
Paul Schisa, 2013
Corinne Walden, 2012
Katie Douglas, 2011
Alexander Robel, 2010
Nicholas Lowman, 2009
Sarah Eagle, 2008
Jane Kanitpanyachareon, 2008
Amy Stopford, 2007
Maiana Natania Hanshaw, 2006
David Andrew Lewis, 2005
Nancy Clark Young, 2004
Pincelli Marie Hull, 2003
David Louis Geir, 2002
Dana Beth Himmel, 2001
James B. McGuire, 2000
Chrysten Anne Root, 1999
Arthur C. Trembanis, 1998
Joshua M. Rapp, 1997
David M. Schleupner, 1996
Cheryl L. Waters, 1995
Sarah Anne Klaber, 1994
Robert Andrew Mullane, 1993
Susan Barbara Morgan, 1991
Wendy Andrea Floyd, 1989
Martha Paige Allen, 1988
Christopher S. Swezey, 1987
Kenneth Todd Holland, 1986
Frederick G. Welt, 1985
Edward J. Brook, 1985
Annamarie Hazelwood, 1984
Catherine R. Zoi, 1983
Allen R. Brockman, 1982
Walton Kelly, 1981
Carl W. Ponader, 1980
Thomas S. Setzer, 1979
Deborah Deibler, 1978
Thomas V. Sando, 1976
Robert S. Truesdale, 1976
John B. Strott, 1975
Sarah G. Power, 1974