It is anticipated at the beginning of the first year, students will form 3-4 person project teams and be assigned to a corporate partner.  Throughout the Certificate Program students participate in project teams on a pressing Sustainable Systems and Life Cycle issue affecting that corporation.  At the conclusion of the first semester in December, there will be an interim report and not-to-exceed 5 minute social-media student produced video on the Sustainable Systems analysis of the project.  The video will not be specific to the organization but rather in regards to the broader systems analysis.

During the second semester the team will transition to an intervention strategy which will require the application of life cycle analysis being taught.  By the end of the 1st year, the team will provide a detailed sustainability report structured for an internal business analysis. This will include life cycle analysis; benchmarking and cost-benefit analysis.  In addition to research, computation  and modeling each team is likely to perform hands-on deconstruction and preliminary prototyping (packaging, labeling, marketing material etc) in the Certificate laboratory as shown below.

Throughout the academic year, students will interact with the corporate sponsor who will provide an management leader and a technical liaison(s).

Students are advised the Certificate requires a significant commitment of time.  This is not a program for those who can not work effectively in a project team with tight deadlines and high expectations.  The reward for your efforts are that you will be better prepared for a leadership position in industry or government.

Below are some examples of project deliverables which include social media videos, fact sheets, research posters and technical reports.

  • Selected Sustainable System Fact Sheets
  • Selected Environmental Product Declarations
  • Selected Sustainable System Videos
  • Selected Life Cycle Assessment Posters

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