The Community Engagement and Research Translation Cores are thrilled to welcome our summer intern, Lindsay Holsen. Lindsay is a student at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin and is a biochemistry major with a minor in Spanish. She is also on the tennis team at Lawrence and plays oboe for the […]

Introducing CEC/RTC Intern Lindsay Holsen

The Duke Superfund Research Translation Core video series highlights the work of our researchers. Our next video features doctoral candidate Lauren Redfern. Lauren is a member of Dr. Claudia Gunsch’s lab, which is the home of Project 5: Bacterial-fungal Amendments for Bioremediation of Contaminated Sediments. Her research is focused on how to exploit natural adaptation techniques […]

Meet Superfund Trainee Lauren Redfern!

Lilah Glazer, PhD, postdoctoral trainee in Dr. Ed Levin’s lab   A fish is not a rat is not a chimpanzee. Or is it? When we think about scientists studying what affects our behavior or what causes neuro-behavioral disorders, we think about rats running in mazes and chimpanzees learning sign […]

When Zebrafish Misbehave

By Catherine Kastleman, Program Coordinator, Research Translation Core Here’s some good news: as of 2014, over half of all participants in clinical trials funded by the NIH are female, whereas in the past females have been largely under-represented in such trials. Due to the increased enrollment of women in recent years, scientists are beginning […]

ITEHP Symposium Highlights Sex Differences in Developmental Neurotoxic Effects

The Duke Superfund Research Translation Core video series highlights the work of our researchers. Our first video features postdoctoral researcher Nishad Jayasundara, Ph.D. Dr. Jayasundara has been a researcher at Duke since 2012, working in Dr. Di Giulio’s lab as a member of Project 3: PAH Exposures and Development. His […]

Meet Superfund Trainee Nishad Jayasundara!

      By Gina Daniel, MEM Assistant, Research Translation Core   Research by Duke Superfund Research Center investigators Theodore Slotkin, Richard Di Giulio, and Frederic J. Seidler was featured as this month’s Superfund Research Program Current Research Brief by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. The study, “In […]

NIEHS Features Research on Developmental Neurotoxicity of PAH Mixtures in ...