Check out this re-post from the Duke Pratt School of Engineering about the Duke University Superfund Center’s unique approach to assessing low-dose, early life exposures and later life consequences through the incredible interdisciplinary work of researchers in Civil and Environmental Engineering as we enter into the fourth funding cycle of […]

DUSRC Environmental Engineers Work Together to Understand Common Pollutants   Recently updated !

By Lindsay Holsen, RTC/CEC intern     In a strange way, humans resemble compost piles.   We eat foods that combine adequate amounts of nutrients to make a meal and give us energy, but we all have different consumption habits, just like compost piles differ by location and available inputs. […]

Week 3: Why Should We Care About Compost?   Recently updated !

Lindsay Holsen is our CEC/RTC summer intern, visiting us from Lawrence University in Appleton, WI. In addition to community engagement and research translation work, Lindsay is helping doctoral trainee Tess Leuthner with a fascinating research project on soil nematodes and contaminated soil.  Research is like baking.  You get your recipes […]

Week 2: Into the Lab!

The Community Engagement and Research Translation Cores are thrilled to welcome our summer intern, Lindsay Holsen. Lindsay is a student at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin and is a biochemistry major with a minor in Spanish. She is also on the tennis team at Lawrence and plays oboe for the […]

Introducing CEC/RTC Intern Lindsay Holsen

The Duke Superfund Research Translation Core video series highlights the work of our researchers. Our next video features doctoral candidate Lauren Redfern. Lauren is a member of Dr. Claudia Gunsch’s lab, which is the home of Project 5: Bacterial-fungal Amendments for Bioremediation of Contaminated Sediments. Her research is focused on how to exploit natural adaptation techniques […]

Meet Superfund Trainee Lauren Redfern!

Lilah Glazer, PhD, postdoctoral trainee in Dr. Ed Levin’s lab   A fish is not a rat is not a chimpanzee. Or is it? When we think about scientists studying what affects our behavior or what causes neuro-behavioral disorders, we think about rats running in mazes and chimpanzees learning sign […]

When Zebrafish Misbehave