This picture of earth taken by the Apollo 10 astronauts from their voyage to the moon nearly fifty years ago brings home how close together we all live. This beautiful orb of blue, white, green and brown spins amidst the stark blackness of space. Our environment that supports all life […]

Environmental Health and Civic Responsibility

By Jimena Perez-Viscasillas, MEM Student Assistant Since moving to Durham from Puerto Rico to start my Master’s degree in Environmental Management at Duke, one of the most interesting elements of North Carolina I have observed has been the evident history behind its local buildings. Six months ago, I did not […]

Engaging a Community around a Former Industrial Site: My Experience ...

The Duke Superfund Research Center had a strong presence at the SRP Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in December 2017. Many investigators and trainees were in attendance, as well as administrative staff and some notable alumni from the program. Two trainees presented their research in general sessions, while trainees, investigators, […]

Research for Innovation: 30th Superfund Annual Meeting – Philadelphia

By Andrew Hawkey, PhD – postdoctoral scientist in the Levin Lab and member of Duke Superfund Project 1 Earlier this fall, a group of science teachers from NC schools came to Duke’s campus to take part in a workshop series with the North Carolina Association for Biomedical Research (NCABR). This […]

Exploring Bioethics: Talking to Science Teachers About Animal Research in ...

Dr. Heather Stapleton, Duke Superfund Research Center Co-Director and PI of Project 2, recently testified in front of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) at a hearing for a petition to ban organohalogen flame retardants in consumer products under the Federal Hazardous Substance Act. Dr. Stapleton’s research focuses on […]

Heather Stapleton, PhD Testifies on Flame Retardants for CPSC Petition ...