Meet the Consultants


Cakey Worthington
Degree: Master of Environmental Management 2016 (December), Master of Forestry 2016 (December)
Concentration: Ecosystem Science and Conservation
Areas of Expertise: memos, cover letters, resumes, professional emails and correspondence, and research reports
Current Coursework: Land Use Principles and Policies (ENV 550), Ecological Resilience (ENV 823), Remote Sensing (ENV 857), and an Independent Project in Advanced Forest Carbon Modeling
About: Cakey received a B.S. in Biology with a minor in Archaeology from Davidson College in 2013. She comes to the Nicholas School with a background in land conservation and ecosystem science. Since matriculating, she has worked in ecosystem services and sustainable forest management, in particular: mitigation banking, longleaf pine restoration, forest certification, forest carbon projects, and wildlife habitat protection. Cakey’s hobbies include ultimate frisbee, backpacking, mountain biking, cooking, and photographing small things like bees, frogs, and other critters.


Peter Satin
Degree: Master of Environmental Management, May 2017
Concentration: Ecosystem Science and Conservation
Areas of Expertise: Scientific articles, research papers, lab reports, professional correspondence, and the odd creative writing piece.
Current Coursework: Land Use Principles and Policies, Biodiversity Science and Applications, Ecological Resilience and Ecosystem Management, and Advanced GIS.  Previous Coursework: Landscape Ecology, Landscape Analysis and Management, Conservation Biology, Conservation GIS, and Wildlife Surveys.
About: Peter graduated in 2010 with a BA in religious studies from Vassar College and spent the next few years working in public health and international development.  Since entering the Nic School, he has focused on spatial analysis, especially as it pertains to wildlife management, and is currently working on a Master’s Project revising the Duke Forest wildlife management plan.  You can usually find him in Environment Hall procrastinating with a crossword puzzle, but when he has free time, he is likely to be rock climbing, slack lining, or trivia playing.


Eleanor Johnstone
Degree: Master of Environmental Management 2017
Concentration: Energy & Environment
Areas of Expertise: memos, cover letters, professional emails and correspondence, research papers, blog posts, journal articles, creative writing
Current Coursework: Landscape Hydrology (ENV 723), Environmental Economics (ENV 520), Project Management (EGRMGMT 560)
About: Eleanor received her B.A. in English Literature and African Studies from Middlebury College in 2010. She spent five years working in journalism and international development domestically and overseas (Africa, South Asia). During her time at Nicholas she has pursued coursework targeting urbanization and the intersection between society and energy resources. Eleanor has been involved in campus programming through the Green Roof and Orchard Workforce (GROW), the Nicholas School Energy Club (NSEC), and the Energy Initiative. Hiking, climbing, swimming, painting and playing guitar are among her favorite stress relievers.