Nicholas School of the Environment Communications Studio

Mission: The Nicholas School of the Environment (NSOE) Communications Studio seeks to foster better written communication by environmental professionals. The Communications Studio facilitates training in writing by offering one-on-one consulting and collaborating with designated writing-intensive courses.

The NSOE Communications Studio also seeks to train students to communicate better within their discipline by focusing on writing style and organization rather than rote rules of grammar.  Therefore,  consultants provide writers with strategies to continually improve their writing and grow independent of writing consultants. The Studio works with all learners, whether U.S. or International, and seeks to sensitively address cultural differences in communication.

We foster better written environmental communication. The Nicholas School of the Environment (NSOE) Communications Studio is a writing resource for environmental professionals to work toward the improvement of written communications.  We offer one-on-one consultations and we collaborate to design writing-intensive courses. What is environmental communication?

We help writers develop their writing styles and techniques. Our goal is to provide writers to techniques and strategies for improving their writing and evolving as independent writers and self-editors.  Our consultations are not designed to focus on grammar rules; rather, we offer guidance on genre norms, writing style, and organization.

We respect all writers and learners. We strive to address cultural differences in writing, and we respect all learners, whether U.S. or International. We invite you to learn about ESL Resources.

We seek to complement existing Duke resources. For more great writing resources visit the Duke Thompson Writing Center.


Upcoming Opportunities:

The Office of Continuing Studies will once again be hosting Dr. Gopen’s popular “Writing from the Reader’s Perspective” workshop.

The writing workshop will be held on Wednesday, May 11, in the Bryan Center, (Griffin Theater) from 8:30am-5pm.

Individuals interested in registering may do so through our online system or by phone. Workshop/registration details may be found by visiting the following site:

A certificate of completion with CEU’s can be earned from attending this complete workshop.


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