ENV210 US Domestic Environmental Policy Blog


As a part of the Spring 2017 US Domestic Environmental Policy course, students are to select an environmental issue or policy of interest. The blog posts may center on an economic, policy or political analysis. Please read and comment on their work.


Aedan Hannon: The Federal Land Policy Management Act: The Plight of Western Public Lands


Michael Widmann: Trump’s Infrastructure Plan: A Gift to the Private Sector


Taylor Charbonnet: America’s Overdependence on Fossil Fuels


Cynthia Quattrochi: The Eradication of Coral Reefs: Climate Change and Other Harmful Human Practices May Destroy the World’s Most Diverse Ecosystems Forever


Lukas Gschwandtner: The Flint Water Crisis: Evidence of a flawed Safe Water Drinking Act


Adrian Cato: The Plight of the Bumble Bee: Addressing Bumble Bee Declines in the United States


Andrew Gumbel: Offshore Wind Farming Free Clean Energy or Nuisance?


Kameron Schroeder: Dolphin-Safe Tuna: The Illusion of a Feel-Good Conservation Story


Henry Camp: Is Free Trade Good for the Environment


Kim-Lin Ramsawak: Coral Reef Conservation


Phillip Carter: Attack on Public Lands


Brianna King: Limit Agriculture’s Contribution to Climate Change


Luke Bauer: Should Trump Bail Out of the Paris Climate Accord?


Jack Gavigan: President Trump and the Antiquities Act-What the Future Holds


Jonathan Ma: America’s Water Pollution Problem


Sean Cerrone: Oil and Wilderness: Conflict in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge


ZaKerra Lance: U.S. (Mis)management: Environmental Justice Implications of Dumping on Poor Americans


Kuranda Kasatka: Flint is Just the Beginning: The Navajo Nations Water Crisis


Jack McDermott: Can the Utility Market Survive the Solar Power Boom?




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