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Welcome to a statistics review site, developed by Elizabeth A. Albright, PhD at the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University!  While hopefully useful to the students in my class (ENV710.002), these pages provide an overview of statistics concepts and applications that are covered in many introductory statistics courses. This is the second year of this website, so if you run into any malfunctions, errors or typos, please contact Professor Elizabeth Albright, PhD at elizabeth.albright@duke.edu–she is always looking at ways to improve the site.  If you find these pages helpful, please do not hesitate to share via facebook, twitter or whatever social networks you belong. Have fun!


Major Topics Covered in this Statistics Review Website

1.  Basic mathematics skills

2.  Descriptive statistics

3.  Probability

4.  Sampling

5.  Inference:  Confidence intervals

6.  Inference:  Comparison of means






This website was developed by Elizabeth A. Albright, PhD of the Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University.



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