Site Assessment and History

Collaborative Stream Project Site Assessment and History: By Cece Mercer, Jeff Feng, Kevin Will, Elexis Evans, and Tresa Reynolds   Bishop College Historical Context:   How was the stream used by Bishop College? Flood Control Future questions to ask former Bishop College administrators or students Who originally owned the land and donated it to Bishop …

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Restoration Strategies

Possible Strategies   A range of options exists when considering the modification the Paul Quinn stream. The possible actions are listed in order of increasing intensity.   No Action The stream would be left as it is with no modification. This option will not improve the overall water quality, flow rate, or remediate it from …

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Proposed Restoration Plan

Proposed Actions: Strategies II, III, and V   This joint strategy proposes a restoration plan is designed to: 1) Clean the stream of current pollution and prevent future contamination, 2) Restore historical continuity, and 3) Provide a natural area for community members’ enjoyment.   By restructuring the stream banks and planting native flora along this …

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Relevant Projects and Links

Relevant Projects and Link This section of our website is designated to important projects and links used throughout the course of our immersion. Reference Project Links: The Stream and Wetland Assessment Park (SWAMP) restoration project was initiated by Duke University to provide clean water to the Upper Sandy Creek (a tributary of Cape Fear River) …

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Environmental Education as a Resource One of the future intentions for the PQC stream will be utilization for educational purposes. It is possible to incorporate students in the surrounding area as resources for completing restoration. Student Volunteers During restoration for Strawberry Creek, a stream which flows through a main part of the UC Berkeley campus, …

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Current Status and Next Steps

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