Student Advising

Masters Projects Advised:

Michael Asch, Gregory Cooper & Anne Liberti. (in progress). Replanting Durham’s urban forest.

Patrick Smerczynski & Hunterr Payeur. (in progress). Managing white-tail deer populations through forest management.

Erika Reiter. (in progress). A communications plan for bird-window collisions at Duke.

Charlene Wu. (2015). Examining urban wildlife conservation and green space development opportunities for Triangle Land Conservancy.

Nicholas Gadri. (2015). Kingdon’s Multiple Streams model and the inclusion of Energy Title IX in the 2002 Farm Bill.

Lisa Appel. (2015). Stakeholder analysis for pollinator conservation in Oakland County Parks.

Wenjia Zhu & Wenting Ye. (2015). BASF Agricultural Solutions: Sustainability of grounds and landscaping at Durham, NC facility.

Chaquetta Greene. (2013). Duke University and the Nicholas School of the Environment: Encouraging today’s youth through environmental education.

Undergraduate “Graduate with Distinction” Theses Advised:

Phoenica Zhang. (2015). Forest regeneration patterns in the context of fire: Managing Acer rubrum, Kalmia latifolia, and Rhododendron species in Linville Gorge. Video presentation available here (see time 1:51:57).

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