We have an active river research group that evolved a lot over the years; there has been no shortage of personalities in and out of the group.

This is the original river research group in my first year at UNC, with Scott Ensign and Adam Riggsbee as the grad students holding down the fort.




Group in 2006 at goodbye party for Rebecca and Adam (they grow up so fast, sniff sniff..); Front row: Scott (head edited in), Daisy, Lauren, Cailin, Jason, Rebecca; Back row: Erich, Martin, Adam, Frank-Matt

Group in 2009 (at Coweeta for River Retreat); From left to right: Joel, Ben, Lauren, Martin, Jeff, Autumn, Daisy, Scott

Group in 2010: Front: Jordan Kern, Stephen Teet, Lauren Patterson, Jeff Muehlbauer, Brad Bennett; Back: Mark Green (guest), Jon Duncan, Autumn Thoyre, JR Rigby, Daisy Small, Martin Doyle, Philip Womble, Dan Band, Scott Ensign


2012 River retreat: Front (Daisy Small, Doyle, Kimberly Meitzen), 2nd row (Chuck Podolak, Brian Lutz, Jordan Kern), 3rd row (Kayleigh Somers, Kris Voss, Isabella (from Univ of Parma, Italy), Philip Womble, Ryan Emanuel), back row (Matthew Fuller, Matt Ross, Jeff Muehlbauer)