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 Durham, NC

(L-R) Schwantes, Swenson, Schaffer-Smith, Gonzalez-Roglich














  Lab paintball 2015….






Jennifer J. Swenson  [CV], PhDAssociate Professor of the Practice of Geospatial Analysis/Landscape Ecology



Post Doctoral Researchers

Mariano Gonzalez-Roglich, Ph.D. Spatio-temporal dynamics of woody plant encroachment in semiarid rangelands of Argentina: changes in C stocks and climate change implications (NASA & NSF); Drought-induced canopy loss in Texas (USDA-AFRI)  Mariano is off to Conservation International as of May 2016!!

Current Doctoral Students

Amanda Schwantes UPE (Co-advised with Rob Jackson) Drought-induced canopy loss in Texas; mapping, ecophysiology, and ecosystem repercussions. (USDA-AFRI; NASA)

Danica Schaffer-Smith ENV   Spatiotemporal variability of inland water bodies along the Pacific Flyway using 30+ years of Landsat (NASA, NSF)


Doctoral Students (committees)

  • Bijan Seyednasrollah ENV
  • Binbin Li, UPE
  • Natalia  Ocampo-Peñuela, ENV, 2016
  • German Forero Medina, UPE,  2012
  • Alana Belcon, EOS,  2012
  • Scott Loarie 2010
  • Lucas Joppa 2011


Master’s Projects Advised (MEM)

(links to Duke Library’s DukeSpace)

Andrew Pericak, 2016. Improving Equity through Passive Recreation in Northeastern North Carolina.

Kelly Meehan, 2016. Object Based Image Analysis Technique for Distinguishing Tropical Native Forest from Plantations: A Landcover Classification Analysis of Patches Surrounding the Serra do Brigadeiro State Park, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Will Norton & Dan Plechaty, 2015. Connecting People with Nature Through a Network of Large Natural Areas.

Maggie Ernest, 2015. Habitat quality and integrated connectivity for Callicebus oenanthe in San Martin, Peru

Stephanie Panlasigui, 2015. Evaluating the impact of Forest Stewardship Council certification on forest loss rates in Cameroon’s logging concessions.

Ying Zhong, 2015. [co advised by Steffen Foerster EvAnth]. Spatial Analysis of Chimpanzee Habitat Quality Based on Vegetation Food Availability in Gombe National Park, Tanzania

Anthony Dibiase, 2014. Simulating seasonal weather influences on wildfire behavior in Glacier National Park, Montana

Jennifer Santoro 2013  American chestnut (Castanea dentata) habitat modeling: identifying suitable sites for restoration in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

Kevin Dick 2013   Species Distribution Modeling for Bog Turtles (Glyptemys muhlenbergii) in North Carolina

Jennifer Moore 2013  Conservation of Marojejy National Park: Lemur Population Surveys and Habitat Disturbance Assessments with Remote Sensing

Jeremiah Jolly 2013 Assessing riparian condition and prioritizing locations for streamside reforestation projects: Northern Manabí Province, Ecuador

Elizabeth Norment, Malissa Hubbard, Paul Gerlach. 2013. Land Use Land Cover in the Western Ghats, India

Stephanie Roe 2013  Spatial Prioritization of REDD+ sites in the Philippines

Ben Riegel 2012 (co-advised with Emily Bernhardt)  A Comparison of Remote Sensing Methods for Estimating Above-Ground Carbon Biomass at a Wetland Restoration Area in the Southeastern Coastal Plain

Sam Baraso  2012 An analysis of landscape characteristics influencing livestock depredation by lions, hyenas, and leopards in Loibar Siret, Tanania

Jill Derwin 2012   Temporal trends in secondary forest carbon sequestration

Brook Massa 2011. Predicting conflict over scarce resources: Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes verus) and Fulɓe pastoralists

Cory Anco  2011  Habitat suitability and reintroduction potential for Puma concolour in the state of Georgia

Rachael Carnes 2011 Mexican wolf recovery: habitat suitability and dispersal potential

Jennifer Hushaw 2010. Searching for Eastern Old Growth: Modeling Primary Forest in Western North Carolina Using Terrain Attributes and Multispectral Satellite Imagery.

Matt Poti, 2010. Identifying Priority Conservation Areas in Georgetown County, South Carolina

Brian Tarpinian. 2010. Prioritizing proposed wilderness areas for wilderness designation

Ginevra Ryman 2010. More than Bucks and Acres: Assessing the Value of Conserved Lands

Julia Gruber. 2009. Targeting Potential Conservation Sites for Swallow-tailed Kites (Elanoides forficatus) in Levy County, Florida.

John Vetter. 2009. Impacts of Deforestation on the Conservation Status of Endemic Birds in the North Maluku Endemic Bird Area from 1990-2003.

Lisa Poser 2009. Setting Standards for Sustainable Tourism: An analysis of US tourism certification programs

Lindsey Smart 2009. Characterizing Spatial Pattern and Heterogeneity of Pine Forests in North Carolina’s Coastal Plain using LiDAR

Lincoln Smith. 2009. Modeling Land-Use in Georgia: Threats to Biodiversity and Opportunities for Conservation.

Kala Wolfe 2009. Monitoring Key Biodiversity Indicator Species in Southwestern El Salvador: Changes in Bird Populations during Five Years in the Apaneca Biological Corridor

Anne Rosenbarger 2009. Community-based forestry in Kalimantan: An assessment of authority, policy, and capacity.

Adam Bausch 2008. A Characterization of Spring Vegetation Phenology Using MODIS Imagery for the Piedmont of North Carolina from 2000 to 2007

Cesar Ignacio Delgado. 2008. Is the Interoceanic Highway Exporting Deforestation? A comparison of the intensity of regional Amazonian deforestation drivers within Brazil, Bolivia and Peru.

John Kerkering. 2008. Mapping Past and Future Permafrost Extent on the North slope Borough, Alaska.

Chris McPhee. (w/ Coleman Doggett). Managing an Urban Preserve

Seth Kirby. 2007. Identifying Sites for Protected Areas Based on Endemic Species Richness and Threat in Madre de Dios, Peru.

Seth Factor. 2007. Effects of Per-Vehicle Entrance Fees on U.S. National Park Visitation Rates


Selected Conservation GIS (ENV561) class projects e.g.

Petracca, L. A betweenness analysis of protected areas in panama: its implications for jaguar conservation.

McPherson, M. Predicting areas of increasing development in North Carolina coastal counties.

Vetter, J. The use of a species-habitat model to examine the historical and current distribution of the endangered cuckoo Hyetornis rufigularis of Hispaniola.

Weidner, E. Does deforestation threaten hydrological ecosystem services?: Making management recommendations for Malaysia.

Bausch, A. Mapping and fragmentation analysis of gallery forest in Senegal.

Bax, T.. Investigation of Abiotic Controls on Color Polymorphism in Phlox drummondii, Texas.

Donohue, M. Shiretoko National Park: Land Cover Classification of Core and Buffer Areas.

Harford, A.,Assessment of Riparian Buffer Zones Influencing Stream Habitat Quality for Atlantic Salmon, Green Mountain National Forest Vermont, USA

Leddick, J. Prioritizing Sub-Watersheds for Restoration within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed’s Coastal Plain.

Jon Shaffer. Analyzing a Prospective Red Wolf (Canis rufus)Reintroduction Site for Suitable Habitat.

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