ENVIRON 590. Lidar Remote Sensing. Spring.

ENVIRON 857 Satellite Remote Sensing for Environmental Analysis. Environmental analysis using primarily satellite remote sensing. Theoretical and technical underpinnings of remote sensing (georectification, image analysis, classification) coupled with practical applications (land cover mapping, change analysis, ground truth techniques). Strong emphasis on hands-on processing and analysis. Will include variety of image types: multi-spectral, hyper-spectral, radar and others. 4 credits. Prerequisite: Environ 259 or past experience with GIS.       Offered: Fall

Continuing your Remote Sensing education:

ENVIRON 720 Land Conservation & Practice. Seminar course designed specifically to introduce students to the practical side of private land conservation practices. Guest speakers include professionals from various land trust & conservation organizations in North Carolina. Student-facilitated seminar course. 1 credit.

ENVIRON 590.47 Protected Areas/ Wilderness Management. 2 credits. Rotating topics of protected areas issues, management and ecology. Includes investigation of different management issues (e.g. human presence, resource extraction, climate change) both inside and outside protected area boundaries. May involve student teaching participation Prerequisite: one ecology course or ESC MEM. Limited to 18 students. Offered: intermittently


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