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Schwantes, Swenson & Jackson – 2016- Quantifying Drought-Induced Tree Mortality in the Open Canopy Woodlands of Central Texas. [free download] Remote Sensing of Environment

Schaffer-Smith & Swenson. March 2015 Rapid conservation assessment for endangered species using habitat connectivity models.  Environmental Conservation with Proyecto Mono Tocon

Terborgh, J. et al. Submitted Twenty-three year timeline of ecological stable states and regime shifts in Upper Amazon oxbow lakes. .

Gonzalez-Roglich & Swenson – Jan 2016 –Tree cover and carbon mapping of Argentine savannas: Scaling from field to region.   Remote Sensing of Environment

Gonzalez-Roglich et al. 2015 Woody plant-cover dynamics in Argentine savannas from the 1880’s to 2000’s: the interplay of encroachment and agriculture conversion at varying scales Ecosystems.



 ←Connectivity between habitat remnants for critically endangered primate, Callicebus oenanthe, in San Martin, Peru. Now published in Environmental Conservation— Schaffer-Smith, Swenson, Bóveda-Penalba, Murrieta-Villalobos  Proyecto Mono Tocon  






Remote sensing class gets outside for our annual field trip to Duke Forest


Phd Candidate Aaron Berdanier & his drone





Jan 2015 NSF dissertation enhancement grant to Danica Schaffer-Smith for migratory shorebird habitat research in central California– 24 water level data loggers already installed this February!                                                    →







←Lab photo (from left, Mariano Gonzalez-Roglich, Danica Schaffer-Smith, Amanda Schwantes, Jennifer Swenson, Kelly Howell)







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 Measuring carbon en La Pampa, Argentina. Emanuel Ganora (Universidad Nacional de La Pampa) helping NASA PI Mariano Gonzalez Roglich





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Intensive Summer School for Computing in Environmental Sciences  with NASA internship


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