Inkling is a platform for interactive books, rebuilt from the ground up for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, as well as PC and Mac. Books on Inkling are designed to help you learn just about anything, from anatomy to business strategy or making your own bacon.

No matter the topic, titles on Inkling are packed with features not found anywhere else:

* Movies, animations, music, podcasts, slideshows, interactive images, 3D models and more
* Chapters, sections, and figures organized specifically for iPad and iPhone for intuitive navigation that works for each device
* Predictive search for every word in the book, as well as in Google and Wikipedia
* Highlights, notes and links gathered instantly into your searchable notebook
* Interactive quizzes and study tools so you see if you know what you think you know
* Shared notes with your friends and teachers for questions and discussions
* Free content updates that keep your books up-to-date

And while books on Inkling do much more than the PDF version of a print book, you still get all of the stuff you expect from the print book:

* All the content of the print edition, plus extras like supplements or online-only chapters
* Corresponding print page numbers that you can jump to directly
* Digital media you’d otherwise get online with a “code” or a DVD insert, right in your book

Date: October 02, 2012