Mega Trends – 2016

The Mega Trends course, as part of the Nicholas School Environmental Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate, investigates major, over-arching trends in environmental science, policy, thought, practice, and trajectories for the coming 25 years (view the 2016 syllabus).

The Fall 2016 speaker lineup includes:

  • September 8: Dr. Bill Pan, Assistant Professor of Global Environmental Health, Duke University – “Mercury Exposure and Peru’s State of Emergency in Madre de Dios”  Talk recording.
  • September 15: Dr. Stephen Lee, Chief Scientist, US Army Research Laboratory/Research Army Office – “Wildlife Security Convergence with Conservation and Innovation” Talk recording.
  • September 22: Dr. Brian Murray, Environmental Economics Program Director, Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions and Interim Director of the Duke University Energy Initiative – “The Global Challenge of Accessible, Affordable, Reliable and Safe Energy” Talk recording.
  • September 27: Dr. Lincoln Pratson, Semans-Brown Professor of Earth and Ocean Sciences, Duke University – “Some Major Implications of the Ongoing Transformations in Cars and Trucks” Talk recording.

All talks will take place in EH1112 from 4:40-5:55pm. The talks are open to the greater Duke community. Questions? Contact Dr. Jesko von Windheim or Dr. Martin Doyle.


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