Visited Sites

Natural and Historical Sites

  • City of David and Hezekiah’s Tunnel
  • Kotel (Western Wall) and Davidson Archeological Gardens
  • Church of the Holy Sepulchre
  • Masada
  • Dead Sea
  • Machtesh Hagadol (“Large Crater”)
  • Lake Kineret
  • Jordan River, Naharayim Power Station Site, Qasr el Yahud

Companies, Start-Ups, and Other Sites

  • BrightSource (Solar Energy)
  • Kibbutz Mashabei Sade (Raising Fish and Crops in the Negev Desert)
  • Kibbutz Ma’agan Michael (Groundwater Desalination, Raising Fish)
  • Emefcy Bioenergy System (Bioenergy and Wastewater Treatment)
  • Mekorot Eshkol (National Water Company)
  • Shefdan (Water Recycling Plant)


  • Gili Drori (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) 

                     Topic: History and future of innovation in Israel

  • Eli Raz (Dead Sea & Arava Science Center, Ben Gurion University)

                     Topic: Formation of sinkholes around the Dead Sea

  • Eilon Adar (Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research, Ben Gurion University)

                     Topic: Water issues in Israel and R&D of solutions