Mashabey Sade

Kibbutz Mashabey Sade sits on an area with plentiful subterranean aquifers, however, the aquifers are saline and so have traditionally been seen as unsuitable for drinking or agriculture. In the late 1990s the kibbutz began to experiment with raising salt water species of fish using water from these aquifers. Today Australian Carp or Barramundi are raised in large tanks fed with brackish water from the aquifers. The salinity of the aquifer water is lower than ideal for the species and so a period of adjustment must be allowed for fry. The survival rate is high enough to consider the process successful. As a highly aggressive predatory species, Barramundi are generally not allowed to be raised in large numbers outside of their native ranges across the Indo-West Pacific region. Mashabey Sade benefits from its desert location and islotion from natural waterways, nearly eliminating the possibility for transported fish to infest Israeli waters.