Mapal Green Energy

Mapal Green Energy Ltd. is an Israeli company that has developed a unique fine bubble floating aeration system for use in sewage treatment. This system is primarily intended to replace mechanical aerators and represents a 70% reduction in energy costs and an 80% reduction in operations and maintenance costs. The design of the aerator allows installation to occur without shutting down existing aerators or draining the reactors. Existing mechanisms can be run in tandem with Mapal surface aerators until installation is complete. This technology can be installed in a variety of waste water plants from small urban plant concrete reactors, to larger lagoon installations. Currently, Mapal uses their technology in over 20 sites across the world.

Mapal Green Energy is a relatively small company and designs and installs their technology to specifically meet the demands of each client. As a result cost of installation is high and the small size of Mapal puts a natural limit on the range of the technology. That said the floating aerator technology is relatively simple and in the future could be mass produced or otherwise provided by competing companies. With a lower installation cost this technology would represent a breakthrough in waste water treatment as it provides considerable energy savings, significantly decreasing the cost of running a treatment plant. The technology has emerged at a time when public works infrastructure in the United States is aging and new plants are emerging at a tremendous rate to meet the growing needs of urbanizing populations in areas such as China and India. The versatility of floating surface aerators combined with the low cost of operation and maintenance makes them ideal for treatment plants in all of the above mentioned areas.

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