Hadera Desalination Plant website (IDE Technologies)

  • The Hadera Desalination plant, operated by IDE Technologies, supplies the national water grid with 127 MILLION cubic meters per year
  • Uses Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) technology for production — in fact, the Hadera plant is currently the world’s largest operating SWRO plant
  • The efficient technologies and processes utilized in the Hadera plant allow it to produce desalinated water at the lowest-ever costs


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Implications for Israel:

  • The past decade has been accompanied by severe drought in the already water-scarce Israel
  • This fact, combined with Israel’s growth, has the potential to create a serious water problem
  • Desalination is part of the solution — this is an expensive process that is far from environmentally neutral, but many argue that for Israel, the benefits far outweigh the costs


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Presentation – Hadera Desalination