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Environment Hall
Naming Opportunities

  Help Duke take environmental education, research and practice to new heights.

It’s more than a building.  It’s a living laboratory.

As the new home for the Nicholas School of the Environment and hub of all environmental activity on campus, Duke Environment Hall is living proof of Duke University’s commitment to leadership in forging a sustainable future through education, research and practice.

And we do mean living!  With a LEED Platinum Certification, this stucture and its surrounding landscape not only meet the highest standards of sustainability and energy efficiency – they also feature exciting, flexible components that allow our students and faculty to experiement with different conditions and generate data to find new and better ways to align occupants’ behavior and environmental stewardship.

This living laboratory is an extraordinary resource for the entire Duke community–one that requires significant funding to keep it running day-to-day, and year-to-year.  That’s where you come in — with a gift starting at just $25, you can helps us build a better Environment, at Duke and around the world.

Opportunities Exist in the Following Areas


Environment Hall front rendering
Our sustainably designed Legacy Grove provides not only a beautiful landscape, but also highlights the Piedmont’s biodiversity and serve as a teaching tool – click here to learn more.


Rooftop Garden

The Rooftop Garden will serve as a place where faculty and students can investigate the performance of various plant species in different growing conditions – click here to learn more.


Env hall orchard image

The Organic Orchard and Outdoor Plaza will symbolically connect the old and new Nicholas School buildings – click to learn more.


The Great Auditorium will blur the line between indoor and outdoor space, serving as a high-tech, glass-walled learning center – click to learn more


Leave your mark on Duke Environment HallliterallyClick to learn more about opportunities in our Environmental Arts Gallery.


Be a part of this exciting opportunity to…

  • Keep this living laboratory active and thriving
  • Provide Duke students with experiences that ready them for environmental leadership
  • Support exploration and collaboration so we can create new knowledge and solutions to environmental concerns
  • Show the world how a build can be much, much more than just a building, and
  • Help us create a more sustainable future for all

When you contribute $250 or more to Environment Hall by December 31, 2014, we will inscribe your signature on a specially commissioned piece of art that will be permanently and prominently installed in the lobby of Environment Hall.  It’s our way of recognizing the generosity of contributors who have helped us make this extraordinary new home for environmental education, research and practice a reality.