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Monday May 12, 2016: 

In order to raise awareness for various career paths the Graduate Chemistry Council and The Graduate School Professional Development Grant has sponsored the event Nontraditional Careers for STEM PhDs. The event will feature a diverse panel representing science writing/communication, clinical trial management, educational outreach, public policy, and academic coordinating/teaching. 

The panel will give talks focused on how they arrived at their careers, as well as advice they have for others looking to follow similar paths. Panel talks will be followed by structured networking with the panelists. Short panelist biographies are provided below. 

Nontraditional Careers for STEM PhDs will be held May 12th from 5-7:30pm in room #2231 in the FFSC. Dinner and refreshments will be provided (including vegan and gluten free options).

To RSVP for this great opportunity follow the link below. Spots are available on a first come first serve basis.

Please follow the link below if interested in attending.



Dr. Richard Watkins received his PhD in Microbiology and immunology from the University of North Carolina where he is currently the Program Coordinator for the Chancellor’s Science Scholars Program. Dr. Watkins is also the President and founder of the Science Policy Action Network which works to motivate scientific advocacy and scientific outreach.

Dr. Geoff Heintzelman received his PhD in Organic Chemistry from Pennsylvania State University. After working as a medicinal chemist in the pharmaceutical industry for over 10 years, he became a managing editor at American Journal Experts, where he edited scientific manuscripts written by non-native English speakers. He is now a document review specialist at PPD, where he reviews and edits pharmaceutical regulatory documents.

Dr. Shraddha Desai received her PhD in Biochemistry from the University of South Florida. She worked as a Post-doc designing and managing clinical research project at Duke for three years. During her Post-doc she was the President for Graduate Women in Science and Duke University Postdoc association. She is currently working in Clinical Project Management at INC Research.

Jory Weintraub received his PhD in Immunology from UNC Chapel Hill. He is the Science Communication Director and a Senior Lecturing Fellow with the Duke Initiative for Science & Society, and Director of the Duke Broader Impacts Resource Center. Prior to that, he ran the education and outreach efforts for NESCent, an NSF-funded evolution research center at Duke.

Dr. Nacole King received her PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from North Carolina State University where she acquired extensive experience as a lab and recitation TA and won an Excellence in Teaching award. She is currently a Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Shaw University.

GCC Professional Development Coordinators

Ryenne Ogburn, Brian Langloss and Sam Alvarez