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Spring Events 2018


March 9- Spring Symposium 2018: “Breast Cancer and the Environment” 

Toxicology Seminars

March 1Jean McLain, Ph.D., Water Resources Research Center at the University of Arizona…“Recycled Municipal Wastewater and Antibiotic Resistance: Is There a Connection?”

February 8 – Jed Goldstone, Ph.D., Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)… The evolution of Cytochrome P450s and the chemical ‘defensome’ ” 

February 1Lisa Satterwhite, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine…  Pesticide Exposure and Predictive Genomics: Finding Early Stage Asymptomatic Disease.” 

January 25 – Matthew Longley, Ph.D., (NIEHS)…  Single-molecule imaging of mitochondrial DNA replication proteins suggest a mechanism for mtDNA deletions.

January 11Paul Price, Ph.D., US Environmental Protection Agency … ” Understanding the Impact of Exposure Patterns on Risks from Combined Exposures to Multiple Chemicals .


Fall Events 2017


September 22- Fall Symposium 2017:Duke Superfund Research Center Kickoff”

Toxicology Seminars

September 29 – Field Auditorium. Andrea Baccarelli, Ph.D., Columbia University … Mitochondriomics and epigenetics in human air pollution studies – new findings and methodological challenges.”

October 6 – Field Auditorium. Rebecca Fry, Ph.D., UNC-Chapel Hill … The placental epigenome as a driver of the developmental origins of health and disease.”

October 20 – Field Auditorium. Robert Tighe, M.D., Duke University Medical Center; Links between pulmonary macrophage function and environmental exposures.” 

November 3 – Field Auditorium. Andrew Whitehead, Ph.D., UC Davis;The solution to pollution is… Evolution? The genomic basis of rapid adaptation in killifish.”