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Fall 2017 Seminars

Duke University Program in Environmental Health (UPEH)

Integrated Toxicology and Environmental Health

Fall 2017 Seminar Series (Pharm 847-S/ENV 847-S)

Fridays 12:00 – 1:20 PM

September 1 – Love Auditorium

Brandon Logeman, Duke University ITEHP Student

Investigating the Function, Mechanism of Action, and Regulation of Copper Transporters at the Biochemical, Cellular, and Organismal Levels


September 8 – Field Auditorium

Superfund Research Translation and Community Engagement Cores

Translating Science and Engaging Communities: Overview and Trainee Opportunities


September 22 – Field Auditorium

Symposium: Duke Superfund Research Center Kickoff

Keynote Speaker: William Suk, Ph.D., NIEHS

9:00 am – 4:00 pm


September 29 – Field Auditorium

Andrea Baccarelli, Ph.D., Columbia University

Mitochondriomics and Epigenetics in Human Air Pollution Studies – New Findings and Methodological Challenges

October 6 – Field Auditorium

Rebecca Fry, Ph.D., UNC

The Placental Epigenome as a Driver of the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease


October 13 – TBD

Duke Exposomics Kick-Off


October 20 – Love Auditorium
Robert Tighe, M.D., Duke University Medical Center

Links between Pulmonary Macrophage Function and Environmental Exposures


October 27 – Love Auditorium

Laura Maurer, Ph.D., MPH, ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences, Inc.

Applying Toxicological Data to Regulatory Decision Making


November 3 – Field Auditorium

Andrew Whitehead, Ph.D., UC Davis

The Solution to Pollution is… Evolution? The Genomic Basis of Rapid Adaptation in Killifish


November 10 – Field Auditorium

Folami Y. Ideraabdullah, Ph.D., UNC

Characterizing the Role of Genetic Differences in Determining Epigenetic Response to Environment


November 17 – Love Auditorium

Kymberly Gowdy, Ph.D., ECU

Clean Up and Clear Out: A Novel Role for Scavenger Receptors in Environmental Lung Disease


December 1 – Field Auditorium

Jessica Brandt, Duke University ITEHP Student

Tracing Coal Combustion Residuals through Aquatic Food Webs – Bioaccumulation and Toxicity