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UPEH Requirements

Required courses for the completion of the UPEH Certificate are:

  • Pharm 533 – Essentials of Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Drug Discovery
  • Students must take either Pharm 554 (Mammalian Toxicology) OR  ENV 501 (Environmental Toxicology).
  • Pharm 847-S (fall) and 848-S (spring) or ENV 847- S (fall) and ENV 848-S (spring) – Seminar in Toxicology (cross listed)
  • Pharm 815 or ENV 815 – Focused Topics in Toxicology (cross listed)
  • Pharm 733 – Statistics for Basic Biomedical Scientists

In addition to completing the Program’s required course work and meeting Departmental requirements (Departmental requirements will vary – please discuss with your Departmental DGS and DGSA), the following requirements must be met:

The candidate’s thesis advisor must be a faculty member of the UPEH.

At least one additional member of the candidate’s thesis committee must be a faculty member of the UPEH

A candidate admitted to the Ph.D. program directly by the UPEH must complete three lab rotations in his/her first year of study. The rotations must include laboratories in at least two different departments, and two different schools. If you were admitted to Duke through another Program / Department, please see below.

*A candidate certifying in Toxicology who was admitted through another Ph.D. program will follow the rotation rules of the admitting Program.

The candidate must present a seminar on their dissertation work to the Program (contact Dr. Edward Levin edlevin@duke.edu to schedule your seminar). This is usually done in your last year.

UPEH Program Requirements (PDF version)