Leadership Team

Erin Leon
MEM Degree Candidate 2017
Erin Leon Erin Leon graduated with a B.A. in History and Environmental Studies from Colgate University in 2012, and promptly relocated to Jackson, Wyoming. After leading backpacking trips in Grand Teton National Park for the summer, she was hired by Energy Conservation Works to work with the local government and utility to implement energy conservation projects, funded through the State of Wyoming’s energy office. With previous experience in organic farming, carbon offset certification, and oyster restoration research, Ms. Leon decided to pursue a Master’s degree to explore how energy management can be applied to the greater sphere of strategic sustainable development, and ultimately impart significant and lasting change.
Ted Herman
MEM/MBA Degree Candidate 2017
Ted Herman Ted is a third-year MEM/MBA candidate focusing in Energy and the Environment, with a background in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is interested in the development and implementation of market-based solutions that shift the worldwide energy supply towards mostly renewables in an economically prudent manner.
Janesha Hassaram
Communications Chair
MEM Degree Candidate 2017
Janesha Hassaram Janesha is a second year, focusing on environmental economics and policy and geospatial analysis. She would like to be able to use spatial-econometrics and apply it to renewable energy as she is passionate about energy efficiency, energy economics, climate change, and the impacts on water quality.
Benjamin Lozier
MEM Degree Candidate 2017
Benjamin Lozier Benjamin Lozier is a second-year Masters of Environmental Management student concentrating in Energy and the Environment. He is also pursuing a Sustainable Systems Analysis Certificate through the Duke Center for Sustainability and Commerce. Benjamin holds a B.A. in economics and environmental science from Wake Forest University. He is interested in the nexus between energy usage and sustainability in the private sector. He is also an enthusiastic soccer and competitive disc golf player.
Eleanor Johnstone
​​​Trip Coordinator
MEM Degree Candidate 2017
Eleanor Johnstone Eleanor Johnstone holds a B.A. in English literature and African studies from Middlebury College. Since graduating in 2010, she has worked domestically and internationally as a journalist covering politics, business, human rights, and environment through radio, print, video and web-based media. From 2012-2015 Eleanor provided project management support for multi-million dollar USAID contracts targeting agriculture, finance and trade in Sub-Saharan Africa. As a master’s student with an energy focus, she is passionate about leveraging renewable energy to manage global urbanization trends. Towards this end, Eleanor is focusing her studies on transportation and building energy efficiency, urban food systems, and systems design.
Adam Fischer
​​​Social Coordinator
MEM Degree Candidate 2018
Adam Fischer Adam Fischer is a first-year Master of Environmental Management candidate with a concentration in Energy & the Environment. Prior to Duke, he spent 4.5 years as a Senior Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, where he supported technology commercialization efforts at the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E). Before joining ARPA-E and Booz Allen, Adam interned at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, where he focused on a variety of topics related to energy and climate policy. Adam graduated from Tufts University in May 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. His studies focused on energy and environmental policy, with an emphasis on climate policy.
Edgar Virguez
​​​PhD Representative
PhD Candidate
Edgar Virguez Edgar is a first year doctoral student at the Environment program, interested in constructing stochastic decision models that allow policy makers to determine the optimal allocation of societal resources into environmental mitigation strategies, especially those that contribute to the adoption of renewable energies. He holds a BSc. in Environmental Engineering, a BSc. in Chemical Engineering and a MSc. in Environmental Engineering. During the last decade he has worked with several institutions (e.g., Universidad de los Andes, World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank) promoting the adoption of cleaner fuels in transport and industry through Latin America.
Leah Louis-Prescott
​​​Trip Support
MEM Degree Candidate 2018
Leah Louis-Prescott Leah received her B.S. in Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Michigan in 2015. After graduation, she moved to Colorado to work as a Geology Assistant for the Bureau of Land Management. Her passion to fight climate change led her to pursue an MEM in Energy and the Environment. With her Master’s degree, she plans to leverage policy as a mechanism to transition the energy sector from fossil fuels to renewable energy.
Dexter Liu
​​​Professional Development
MEM Degree Candidate 2018
Dexter Liu Dexter is a first-year MEM candidate who is passionate about project development in the solar and energy storage industries where he can make a visible, tangible impact. Prior to Duke, Dexter worked at Navigant Consulting, where he performed modeling, data science, benefit-cost analysis and forecasting work for a number of North American utilities. He also has experience working in the utility space at Pacific Gas & Electric, the venture capital market intelligence space at the Cleantech Group and in solar installations at GRID Alternatives. Dexter graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in 2013 with a degree in Environmental Economics & Policy and a minor in Energy & Resources.