Leadership Team

Elihu Dietz
MEM Degree Candidate 2018
   Elihu came to the Nicholas School from New York City with a background in both for-profit and non-profit business development, having worked in operations for the nonprofit organization Housing Works for seven years before moving to a business strategy role at a product design firm within WPP Group. He came to Duke to study the barriers to deploying large-scale renewable generation onto the electric grid, and plans to return to the Northeast after graduation to work on renewable integration and changing utility business models. Elihu was a 2017 EDF Climate Corps fellow.
Leah Louis-Prescott
MEM Degree Candidate 2018
Leah Louis-Prescott is a second-year Master’s student with a focus on Energy and the Environment. Her geology background sparked her interest in climate science, and she is passionate about pursuing a low-carbon energy future. Leah hopes to assist in transforming our electric grid and power markets to enable greater renewable integration across the country. She is also interested in the electrification of appliances and vehicles, which was the focus of her summer internship.
Peter Ganz
Communications & Outreach Chair
MEM Degree Candidate 2018
Peter Ganz is a second year Master’s student studying Energy and the Environment. With a statistical policy research background and professional experience as a Data Analyst for a Fortune 500 company, Peter is seeking a career utilizing big data insights to recognize prime opportunities for energy storage and renewable energy project development. He is also interested in forecasting models regarding variable energy resource production. He spent the summer working at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in Washington, DC as an Energy Industry Analyst.
Lina R. Khan
MEM Degree Candidate 2018
Lina would like to be a part of the transition towards a more sustainable future with energy. Her background experience includes working in environmental health & safety, city government, research biology, and environmental non-profits. In addition to her role as NSEC Treasurer, Lina is Co-President for Nicholas’s Business and Environment Club. For the future, Lina hopes to use her Master’s in Environmental Management degree to work in utility energy efficiency.
Soli Shin
​​​Trip Coordinator
MEM Degree Candidate 2018
Soli Shin is a second year, Master’s of Environmental Management student at Duke University’s Nicholas School. She is interested in a career tackling energy problems. She believes that the answer to climate change lies within an interdisciplinary model that incorporates quantitative methods and analysis through language, visuals, and data. Her summer internship was under the NY Director of Clean Energy at the Environmental Defense Fund, sponsored by the University of Michigan’s Environmental Fellowship Program.
Edgar Virguez
​​​PhD Representative
PhD Candidate
Edgar Virguez Edgar is a second year doctoral student at the Environment program, interested in constructing stochastic decision models that allow policy makers to determine the optimal allocation of societal resources into environmental mitigation strategies. He has a particular interests in models that contribute to the adoption of renewable energies into the energy market. Edgar holds a BSc. in Environmental Engineering, a BSc. in Chemical Engineering and a MSc. in Environmental Engineering. During the last decade he has worked with several institutions (e.g., Universidad de los Andes, World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank) promoting the adoption of cleaner fuels in transport and industry throughout Latin America.
Colin Walker
​​​Professional Development
MEM Degree Candidate 2018
Colin is a second-year Master’s of Environmental Management candidate in the Energy and the Environment concentration at the Nicholas School. With a background in marketing and the film industry, Colin is the current Energy Club Career Lead, supporting his peers with networking opportunities, guest speaker events, workshops and more. His career interests include grid modernization, energy efficiency and demand-side management.