Meeting Notes & Agenda 05/02/14

Notetaker(s): Sherri N.

Attendees: Joel Meyer, Glenda Lee, Bijan Seyednasrollah, Belinda Williford, Sherri Nevius, Shannon Switzer, Kayla DeCarr, Rebecca Stephens Smith, Paul James


1. Overview/Introductory comments, Glenda Lee and Joel Meyer

2. Why intercultural development matters,” facilitated by Paul James, Duke University Office for Institutional Equity

This is not a committee of indoctrination; it is a committee of equitable sharing, intentionality around evidenced-based research, and a firm understanding of how one builds community around diversity and inclusion.

Group Exercises and discussion of thoughts on various terms

  • What does Diversity mean to you?
  • What does multiculturalism mean to you?
  • What comes to mind when you draw a line between diversity and multiculturalism?What does intercultural mean?


  • Multicultural: Living alongside each other
  • Intercultural: How we might relate across dimensions (White female, African Am. Male)
  • Intracultural: How we might relate from within a group (African Am. Male and female)

Diversity is not binary. Diversity is race, class, age, gender, religion, etc. It’s not black and white.  Find intersections between.

3. Overview of planned activities for 2014-2015: 1) Rising TIDE and 2) and staff/faculty training session

4. Brainstorming and discussion of committee ideas for staff/faculty training session

  • Rising Tide is happening for AY14/15. It is funded and advised by a separate advisory board
  • Staff/faculty/student training: DUML has implemented this training and is very successful. DUML’s keys to success: by invitation only, Dean was highly visible/involved in the training, group size was kept small (20-25 people).
    • How does this translate to Durham campus?
      • Tag off of NS’s “community building” initiative? NS Staff initiatives, Academic Council movement?
      • Messaging should include: Intercultural Competency
      • A community conversation about diversity
      • Dean needs to be involved and interested
      • Keep sessions small in numbers, but offer multiple sessions.

5. Brainstorming and discussion of committee ideas for additional activities (including from diversity document)

  • How to introduce this group to the new dean?
    • Glenda and Joel to meet with Dean in July
  • Soft Programming Messaging: Periodic messages across the NS TV Monitor (that also broadcasts to DUML). Phrases/images to get you thinking. Keep the messaging historical/factual?
  • A mural that highlights what different cultures think about the environment? Partner with Documentary Studies? Group Master’s Project?
  • Recruiting: Do we have diverse alumni support recruiting? Brochures, etc. reflecting diversity? Cindy to provide more info on how AES targets MEM recruiting. What about PhD?
  • Website presence highlighting what IS being done in diversity at NSOE. How do we tell our diverse story (historic and current programming)? Mission on diversity and Inclusion? No mention of student groups. Tag on to I Am Duke Environment campaign.
  • How many faculty, researchers, students, etc. are doing great things already, but no one knows about it – need to collect this information/get people to communicate and communicate it on NS website.
    • DUML has a Diversity page on website.
  • Pipeline program within Durham community – can we establish this? Big interest for Joel.
  • ***Create subcommittees to move these ideas forward (website/story and pipeline) (training could be accomplished by committee as is).

6. Wrap-up facilitated by Paul James: here’s what I heard; allocation/volunteering for tasks/responsibilities; thoughts from committee on what key success indicators will be

  • Sherri to talk to Scottee about website development (focus on this being a way for the NS to lead the way/be the industry standard – competitors are not doing this)
    • SCN provide examples of what competitors are/aren’t doing. (Hampton University)
    • Shannon S. interested in website/communicating story subcommittee
  • Sherri to message Anita to get Joel/Glenda on Alan’s calendar RE: Diversity & Inclusion Committee. DONE
  • Glenda: Lead training initiative
  • Joel: Think about leading subcommittee in pipeline initiative
  • Kayla: Talk to Cindy Peters regarding HBCU recruiting list
  • Sherri: Check committee member list on WordPress site. Communicate WP site to members again/share meeting notes.
  • Identify note taker for next meeting

Meeting Notes & Agenda 11/14/13

Notetaker(s): Sherri N.

Attendees: Bill Chameides, Yasmin Von Dassow, Deborah Gallagher, Anthony Garza, Glenda Lee, Cindy Peters, Bijan Seyednasrollah, Belinda Williford, Charlotte Clark, Sherri Nevius, Paul James

1. Check-in

1st meeting of the NS Diversity & Inclusion Committee

2. Review Action Items

  • None – 1st meeting

3. Agenda

A. Dean’s welcome

B. Dean’s explanation of origin of project and work of ALT group

  • Discussed thoughts on student/faculty/staff roundtables.
    • Roundtable: Good feedback, but folks need to be eased into the process to make it a safe space. Which will then facilitate folks to contribute openly.
    • Regarding Roundtable, Paul James feels like we (NS) could be lightyears ahead of the rest of the university at this point, but we can’t get into the analysis paralysis phase. We have enough data to move forward to see qualitative and quantitative implications.
  • We need to do a better job at framing why we are offering the diversity so folks don’t have a knee-jerk reaction or feel they are doing something wrong in regards to diversity.

C. Make-up of the committee

  • Dean Chameides announced the appointment of Glenda Lee as Chairperson.
  • The Committee agreed that a Co-Chair should be appointed, preferably a white male faculty member (to further round out representation from various groups).  Dean Chameides and Glenda Lee will discuss this further and identify an appropriate individual.
  • Our biggest challenge might be: Getting more faculty involvement and support. How do we do this?
    • In student recruitment, our students should understand that they know they will be in an environment that is diverse (gender, race, social-economics, language, culture, etc.). Not so true with faculty.

D. Dean’s charge to the committee

E. Time for brainstorming

  • It was agreed that the Committee would meet once per month.
  • What does the committee want to do? Where do we go next?
    • Glenda suggested that we re-look at the draft diversity document to identify what ideas we want to start with.
    • Paul: Our product is students.  Who do we want our students to be upon graduation in respect to diversity? What do faculty feel should be in the students tool box in regards to diversity when they graduate? How does it enhance their degree?
    • Bill: All of our students would have a comfort level and confidence to talk about diversity issues when they leave the NS.
    • Paul’s advice: Keep in mind that less is more. Do fewer things very well. Consider this when we look at what we want to do next (ideas in the diversity document, or new ideas) within the current AY.
  • Glenda provided an overview of Rising TIDE
  • Yasmin: How do janitorial/facility staff population get incorporated into this conversation?
  • Yasmin Von Dassow introduced the possibility of adding a diversity option to the RCR requirements for PhD Students.  Yasmin will initiate a fact-finding conversation with Doug James (Assist. Dean of Academic Affairs in the Graduate School) in this regard and report back to the committee.  Current RCR topics are listed at: http://gradschool.duke.edu/academics/degree_reqs/rcr/topics.php
  • Bill mentioned the use of the IAT Test (Harvard test). Implicit Association Test. Paul James provided feedback as to the use of it. It’s very useful, but you need to be at a certain grasp on diversity before using it.  We are too early in the process. It will be a great tool to use along the journey, but we may not be at the right point in our journey.

F. Adjournment

4. Review Action Items

  • Glenda: Monthly meeting schedule to be determined
  • All Committee Members:  Review the Diversity Proposal and think about low-hanging fruit, courses of action that can be more easily initiated and done well, resulting in short-term success.
  • Sherri Nevius: Create a shared website for the Committee and will upload the Diversity Proposal and reports from previous diversity roundtables.  Action items/meeting notes will be posted to this site.
  • Dean Chameides and Glenda Lee: Identify co-chair
  • Yasmin: Discuss/explore possibility of adding/creating RCR courses on diversity topics with Doug James, Graduate School.


Next Meeting: TBD

Next Notetaker: TBD

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