1st Year DEL-MEM student, Lisa Remlinger, recently testified in front of the state Board of Natural Resources about net present value and discount rates.

“When I realized one of my first classes with the DEL-MEM program was going to be economics, I thought “Oh, no.”  I’d been doing policy work for 5 years and the closest I’d come to supply and demand was where to eat for lunch.  But a little over two months into the program there I was testifying in front of our Governor’s office and Board of Natural Resources on discount rates and net present value.  Not only did I understand the terms, I realized their impacts were going to decide how many trees would be cut from state forestlands over the next 10 years.

Without the DEL-MEM program and my increased knowledge base, I wouldn’t have been able to participate in the process and a major stakeholder that I represent would have been left behind.”

Kim Fenwick Harmon, EHS Manager at Heaven Hill Brands, continued her professional and leadership development journey with DEL-MEM in August 2013. A little over a year after she graduated, she had these thoughts to share:

“The DEL-MEM program truly changed my life. By the time I graduated, I had the tools to impact my small, rural, Kentucky community. I had broadened my perspective, gained knowledge, and had the support of an amazing Duke staff and new life-long friends. The format is ideal. I experienced the greatness of the Duke campus while still being able to continue my career at home. My experience was priceless. I continue to challenge myself in my career with the words of my professors guiding my endeavors.”

DEL-MEM alum Alison Murphy, Global Collective Impact Manager for lululemon, reflects back on her experience as a DEL student:

“…The DEL program can best be summed-up as an incredible opportunity to learn from a community of experts. I was drawn to the program because of the format, which allowed me to continue in my career, and got so much more than I expected. I honed my writing and presentation skills, learned new ways and tools for analysis and decision making, and learned about the environmental movement from a number of angles and viewpoints. The friends I made in the program got me through the more challenging moments, and I look back on the whole experience with the best of memories.”

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