Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

Click here for a brief description for making course selection decisions. Note: These are likely to change for each semesters’ course offering.

Past course descriptions/syllabi:

ENV 955, Community Based Environmental Management (current syllabus)

ENV 956, Restoration Science, Policy & Leadership in south Florida (current draft version)

ENV 961, Ecosystem Science and Management

ENV 962, Economics of Environmental Management

ENV 963, Program Management for Environmental Professionals

ENV 964, Environmental Law & Policy

ENV 965, Environmental Leadership Module

ENV 972, Environmental Decision Analysis

ENV 973, Business Strategy for Environmental Sustainability

ENV 974, Seeing the Big Picture: Lessons from Watershed Management in California, Hinton

ENV 975, Community Based Environmental Management in Mexico Field Course (current, 2015 course description. Includes information about the info session and required application process.)

ENV 977, Classic Environmental Literature

ENV 979, The Science of Climate Change (current description)

ENV 980, California Water Management Field Course

ENV 982, Sustainable Development in Chile Field Course

ENV 983, Green Development

ENV 985, Energy, Environment, and the Law

ENV 986, Environmental Ethics and Advocacy

ENV 987, Contemporary Environmental Issues


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