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Billing and Payment Information

The Bursar’s Office issues statements on a regular basis. These statements provide information regarding payments received, charges incurred, and pending financial aid. Statements for graduate and professional students are available through ACES in the finance section. To change an address or view your statement online, visit ACES.

If your organization or agency is paying your tuition, or a portion thereof, you will need to follow the third-party billing instructions.

Billing statements for graduate and professional students have gone paperless. Graduate and professional student bills will be available for review through ACES. Access to ACES is available from the Registrar’s Office website, select ‘ACES/STORM’.

Typically, tuition bills are generated after students register for fall classes in August; therefore, your tuition bill may not reflect tuition and fees for the current term at this time.

For more information about statements, payment of accounts, student tax information, and other bursar-related issues, visit the Bursar’s Office. The tuition billing schedule is available here.

If you will have financial aid in excess of your fall charges, the Bursar’s Office will send a refund check to your local address some time after classes have begun. If you already know your local address, you may sign up for direct deposit at the Bursar’s Office website, click here for more information.