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Duke Mobile App

Duke University is committed to delivering information to you when, where and how you want to get it. To that end, has developed a web-based information and applications for use on the most common mobile platforms: the multi-touch iPhone and iPod touch, Android devices and other mobile devices that use wireless access points (WAP devices). The app is commonly known as DukeMobile.

Some of the Features Include:

  • Map— Search for Duke buildings,  find them on the map and see your relative location, and zoom or pan  across the map using the multi-touch interface.
    • Tours (available on iPhone and iPod touch only) — Take a guided walking tour of the campus, or pick and choose specific points on the tour route to learn more about—and then get additional information in the form of text, images, audio guides and even video in some cases.
    • Places — (available on iPhone, iPod touch and WAP devices only) — Look up dining locations on campus and see what’s on the menu, and get location information on all calendar events.
  • DukeCard (available on iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 4.0.1 only) — Check balances, add money to accounts, review recent transactions, even cancel a lost or stolen card.
  • Library (available on Android, iPhone, iPod touch and m.duke.edu only) — Search through the catalog and contact a librarian directly for additional information.
  • Directory — Look up Duke faculty, staff and students, store contacts with a few taps, and use the e-mail or phone capabilities of your device to connect.
  • Courses — Pull course descriptions, times and locations from the Duke course schedule, and map the location or contact the professor.
  • ACES/STORM — ACES, the student self-service application, provides students with an array of information and direct access to their academic, financial and personal data. STORM is the faculty/staff self-service application providing users with access that depends on their university role and security.

Get DukeMobile on your Android device:

Visit the Android Market and search for the DukeMobile app.

Get DukeMobile on your iPhone or iPod touch:

To install DukeMobile on you iPhone or iPod touch, visit the DukeMobile page in the iTunes App Store and click on “Get App.”