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Adobe Connect Connection Test Preparation

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro is the web-based tool we used to meet synchronously each week during the semester. As with all technology, it has its positives and negatives. To ensure the best quality meetings, we need to remember to do a few things. For starters, you should always remember to plug-in your USB headsets BEFORE turning on your computer! You should have received a set of USB headsets in the mail, if so, please plug them in before completing the following tasks.

  • For each computer you use to participate in a webconference meeting, you must run the Adobe Connect test prior to the first time you use it. To do this you need to go to http://nicholas.acrobat.com/common/help/en/support/meeting_test.htm. Follow the directions and install any add-ins it indicates are required. Re-run the test again.
  • After successfully completing the test, please go to the Adobe Connect demo meeting at: http://nicholas.adobeconnect.com/orientationdemo/. To login to this meeting, and any other course webconference meeting, you need to Enter as a Guest by entering your name (and at least your last initial). The name you indicate here is what will show-up in the meeting Attendee list for everyone to see.
  • After joining ANY meeting, you must perform the Audio Setup Wizard (every time you join a meeting). To do this, go to Meeting>>Audio Setup Wizard and follow the directions (be sure to select the correct microphone from the drop-down box).