919-613-8082 (main)

Mailing Address: Duke University, Box 90328 Durham, NC 27708-0328

Physical Address: Environment Hall, Room 3103, 9 Circuit Drive, Durham, NC 27708-0328

Allison Besch, Executive Education Program Administrator 919-613-8700
Dr. Deb Gallagher, Executive Director of the Duke Environmental Leadership Program 919-613-8138
Leslie Rowe, DEL-MEM Program Coordinator 919-613-8082
Laura Lipps, Executive Education Program Assistant 919-613-8715
Sherri Nevius, Assistant Dean, Executive & Distance Learning Programs 919-613-8063

Other Contacts

Nicholas School Information Technology (IT)
Hours: M-F, 9AM-5PM
Email (preferred):
Phone: 919-613-8148
Location: Environment Hall, Office 2104
Mailing Address:
Nicholas School IT
ATTN: Katheryne Doughty
2104 Environment Hall
9 Circuit Drive
Durham, NC 27708

Meghan Gamsby, DEL Librarian, Perkins Library
Phone: 919-660-1578 or 919-660-5880
Location: 233F Perkins or 1105 FFSC

Karen Kirchof, Asst. Dean, Career Services
Phone: 919-613-8016
Location: A108A, LSRC

Student Biographies and Directories

Get to know your fellow DEL-MEM students! Here you can find all the information on your cohort as well as the second years. Class of 2016 Biographies Class of 2016 Directory Class of 2015 Biographies Class of 2015 Directory    

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Meet DEL

Allison Besch, Executive Education Program Administrator Allison grew up in New York State and attended Colgate University, where she developed an interest in bridging the gap between scientists and the general public. She has held several positions in that field, including work at National Geographic magazine, eco-tour companies in the Florida Keys, and most recently …

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