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Looking for the Conservation Academy application? Click here.  Applications due April 1 (requires both student & parents to fill out).

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The Conservation Academy is designed to allow academically-motivated high-school students from around the world to immerse themselves in a rich residential experience emphasizing academic and field skills in Environmental Conservation.

Students selected for our program have the opportunity to:

  • Interact with conservation leaders and experts in a range of environmental fields,
  • Explore global environmental issues,
  • Develop field skills to boost your resume and college applications,
  • Experience the Nicholas School of the Environment’s state-of-the art facilities,
  • Explore the Duke Forest, Duke University’s renowned outdoor laboratory, and
  • Practice peer-based learning in a rich, residential setting.

The Conservation Academy is a high-quality, residential academic program fashioned to augment content-knowledge and field skills in environmental disciplines. The first week of the program emphasizes Fresh Water Conservation. The second week of the program emphasizes Forest Conservation.

Students may apply to attend either one or two weeks of the Conservation Academy, but note that no support is provided for students over the weekend. The Conservation Academy strictly runs only from Sunday afternoon at 12pm until Friday at 4:30pm, and provides no supervision, room, board, activities, or any other services to students outside of official program times.

The Conservation Academy provides a unique learning environment designed to challenge students through rigorous programs that allow them to experience their academic passion and potential career firsthand. Students participating in the Conservation Academy will apply knowledge first-hand through  field trips and visits to relevant sites—experiences that allow them to take advantage of Duke University’s unique surroundings to enhance their hands-on learning. Within a supportive and nurturing setting, the Conservation Academy strives to inspire students to explore, stretch intellectually, and enjoy a rich social experience.

Important Deadlines

Families need to complete these items and return them to Admissions by the following deadlines:

  • Applications due April 1, apply today!
  • deposit: one week after placement
  • balance: April 31st
  • student medical form: June 1st
  • provide the Conservation Academy with student travel information: June 1st
  • passport copy for international travelers: June 1st

More information on how to submit these documents is available on your student portal.


Available in June

  • course syllabus (includes course materials list, itinerary, daily schedule)
  • detailed packing list
  • important phone numbers for parents
  • directions to site/residence hall
  • program site contact information/mailing address for domestic site

Program Fees

Participants are obligated to pay a Program Fee, which includes academic and residential costs.  Each week of the Conservation Academy costs $2000.00. A 10% deposit ($200.00) is due to the Program one week after the Participant has been notified of acceptance into the Program. The balance ($1800.00) is due no later than April 31, 2018

Refund Policy

Participants who withdraw from Program will forfeit their deposit and balance unless the Program can find someone to fill the Participant’s spot. If the Program can fill the spot, it will issue a refund, minus a $100.00 administrative fee. Participants who wish to withdraw from the program must submit a written substitute request to