Welcome to the 2014 Environmental Communications Planning course!

Welcome to this online course, facilitated by the Duke Environmental Leadership Program! Over the next six weeks, we will delve into strategies and techniques for effective environmental communications. Consider this course to be your “practice space” where you can generate ideas, refine your writing skills, and explore new avenues for communicating your message. For those participating in the DEL Environmental Communications certificate program, this course will serve as a capstone, integrating and building on the work you’ve done (or will do) in other courses. I look forward to hearing more about your work and plans for making this course not only useful but also a motivating experience.

This course is designed to give environmental professionals the necessary tools to write a successful and comprehensive Communications Plan. These plans can be used internally, to manage change or initiatives within an organization, or externally to communicate a message to stakeholders and/or the public. Students will engage in the process of developing a full Communications Plan, including identifying stakeholders and appropriate media, crafting messages, and evaluating the success of the communications delivery. As part of the course portfolio, students will also craft two media pieces, an Op/Ed and a short article/social media strategy targeted to a specific stakeholder group. Students will receive individual and group feedback on their portfolio, with the goal of writing powerful, concise, and professional text.

Course Dates: September 22-October 31, 2014