Salinization and climate change

While most climatic models predict a significant reduction of water availability in many arid and semi arid zones of the world, our research has focused on salinization associated with overuse of the limited water resources in these areas (Paper in Climatic Change). We are currently  working on salinization phenomena of groundwater from aquifers in different aquifers  of Morocco (a funded NATO project), Arizona, USA (paper in Applied Geochemistry), southern Jordan (MERC project), and coastal aquifer of North Carolina. We are using the  TIMS lab established at Duke for measurements of boron and strontium isotopes, in addition to the traditional other stable isotopes and geochemistry. The multi-isotope approach has shown to be very powerful is elucidating the different salinity sources  and we intend to continue to use this method. Our initial investigations of groundwater salinity from the sub-Sahara Moroccan basins suggest that changes in the recharge patterns induced by climate change are associated with accelerated salinitization. Understanding the source of the salinity is essential for predicting future trends in water quality and, ultimately, providing solutions for an adequate management of the water resources in these fragile aquifers.

Investigating salinity and radioactivity in water resources in Morocco


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