Assistantships have been awarded to a select number of professional degree students during their first year of study to assist Nicholas School faculty and staff with teaching, research, professional and other projects. It is expected that students will work for eight hours a week throughout the academic year for a total of 224 hours. Students who receive assistantships are paid by the Nicholas School on the monthly payroll.  Students are encouraged to submit their payroll paperwork to the NSOE Business Office no later Friday, August 25. Assistantships require a regular work schedule to be arranged between the student and the faculty or staff member to whom he or she is assigned. During the second year of study, professional students may fulfill the assistantship requirement by working independently on their Master’s Project.  

Overview of Assistantship Expectations and Payroll Process 

During Orientation there is a mandatory meeting for all students who were awarded an assistantship. Students who were not awarded an assistantship should not plan to attend. All assistantship awards are final and it is not possible to be an awarded or apply an assistantship if you have not already awarded one.  It is important that all payroll documents are submitted as soon as possible to be scheduled for payment in September payroll.

Assistantship Sessions

  • Friday, August 18 at 3:00 Field Auditorium
  • Tuesday, August 22 at 2:30 in Field Auditorium.

Process, Submission & Deadline

This process is a modified “open market” process. For this process to work, it is essential that all supervisors and students observe the dates and deadlines outlined below.

  • August 21-August 26: Students submit their resumes through CareerLink for the positions in which they have an interest. At the same time, the student must email the position contact indicating their interest and submit their resume to the contact. All submissions must be completed by close of business on August 26.
  • August 22-August 31: Managers contact students whom they wish to interview and conduct interviews with those students. Managers may wish to post a sign up list on their office door or provide some other way for students to sign up for an interviews. Managers are strongly encouraged to interview every student who submits a resume.
  • August 3,1 5:00 p.m.: Manager extends offer/s to the candidates whom they wish to have in their assistantship position/s. No offers may be extended before August 31.
  • August 31-September 4: Student must respond to offer and accept one position and decline any others offered. Student completes the offer form and submits it.
  • September 5-September 8: Students not placed will interview for positions not filled. Cindy will provide students with the list of open positions. Managers are strongly encouraged to interview any student who contacts them. Students and managers will rank their preferences (form to be provided) and submit those preferences by close of business on September 8.
  • September 8: Cindy will make assignments of second round assistantships and notify managers and students.

 Search Available Positions

The list of available assistantships will be provided to all students prior to Friday, August 18.  Students will arrange individual appointments with the supervisor and/or contact person for positions they are interested in taking. Students should request an appointment with either the supervisor or contact person by applying for positions in which they are interested. When you apply for a position, be sure to include your resume and any other details that you wish to share with the supervisor (and/or contact person). Please make sure your resume includes your current contact information and Duke email address. Position descriptions will be available; more info to come.

Supervisors may not commit an assistantship position to a student before assignments are confirmed. Students and supervisors will be notified of assistantship assignments by the end of the first week of classes. Immediately upon receipt of their assistantship assignment, students are expected to contact their supervisor to arrange the work schedule. Assistantship recipients should not submit the online preference form until you have interviewed for at least four positions.


More details to come in August. Be on the lookout for an email from Mel Adragna, Program Coordinator, Student Services. Got questions? Send Mel Adragna an email at