Review Calculus & Statistics

Review Calculus & Statistics

Review Sessions 

During Pre-Orientation, review sessions in Calculus and Statistics are likely to occur. We will confirm later in the summer. 


Diagnostic exams in calculus and statistics are scheduled during Orientation Week, but Please Do Not Stress! This cannot be emphasized enough. Although we want students to do well on the diagnostic exams, please do not stress about these tests in advance. The exams are only intended to assess where students are in these subjects at the time that they enroll, and to make sure that students are prepared for graduate level courses requiring calculus and statistics as prerequisites. 

Review Calculus and Statistics in Advance

We encourage students to review the key topics in calculus and statistics over the summer. You can do this by reviewing the key topics in college level textbooks, working through practice problem sets or taking  free online courses (where available).

Calculus Review Materials

Statistics Review Website