NetID & Email

NetID/Password and Duke Email

All students will receive a Duke NetID (network identification), which will be needed to access many of the university’s student portals and systems. Be sure to keep your NetID and password safe and secure. Your NetID is the electronic key to a variety of computing systems and services at Duke. Used in combination with a strong password, the NetID provides access to online resources such as DukeMail, centralized server space, calendaring and Sakai. Students are automatically assigned a NetID upon matriculation. You do not need to request a NetID; it will be provided for you. Be sure to check your personal email address within one week of confirming your enrollment/paying the tuition deposit. 

Your NetID is different from your Duke Unique ID (DUID), a seven-digit numeric identifier printed on the back of your Duke ID card/badge in the upper left-hand corner. Students will be able to pick-up their Duke ID card/badge when they arrive in the fall.

> All new students should have their NetID and password as well as access to their Duke email account by no later than mid-May.

You should check your personal email address to make sure that you have not overlooked the initial instructions and login details. Be sure to check the SPAM and Junk folders, as well. If you cannot find this information, please contact the university’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) at 919-684-2200 or to request that the initial setup instructions be resent to you. Be prepared to provide a few personal identification markers such as your date of birth, permanent address, the last four digits of your social security number (if applicable) and so on.